PALS Fetish Fest T-Shirts

Evidently there are some issues with Paypal integrating into WordPress sites, so it works if you get one item but not if you want to purchase multiple items.  Since we are pressed for time, here is a work-a-round:

  • If you just want one shirt, use the site as it is, the order will go through and we get all the relevant information, it just doesn't go to a shopping cart like most of them do
  • If you want more than one item, use the site & drop downs to figure out what you want and send us a quick note telling us here: LINK and we will send you an invoice.


                        Your Name and/or Title printed just above pocket location for an additional $5.00 

Sizes:   X-Small (Ladies Only), Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large 


1 port_white White
2 port_aquaticblue Aquatic Blue
3 port_athleticheather Athletic Heather
4 port_red Red
5 port_royal Royal Blue
6 port_lime Lime
7 port_candypink2 Candy Pink
port_neonyellow Neon Yellow
9 port_neonorange Neon Orange
10 port_neonpink Neon Pink










Style Price Neon Color (+2) 2X-4X    (+2)

Add Your Name and/or Title (+5)

PALS T-Shirt; Crew Neck $12.65 $14.71 $14.71 $17.79
PALS T-Shirt; Crew Neck W/ Pocket $14.71 $16.76 $16.76 $19.85
PALS T-Shirt; Ladies V-Neck $14.71 $16.76 $16.76 $19.85





(Not actual shirts, photos provided to show design only) 

White Basic 

Pink V Basic Design


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  1. tammy says:

    Great job Nancy!  I have one question, though and I was wondering how ppl who aren't members to get the Tshirts?  By the way Zarathud and Zarathud's layla ordered on here already.  Woohoo!


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