To Become a Full PALS Member :

  • Must be at least 21 years of age (proof of age is required)
  • Each person must attend at least six PALS events (these can be meetings or munches or a combination)
  • Become familiar with the PALS By-Laws & going over them with an appointed representative of PALS Link to By-Laws
  • Pass board approval
  • Have a PALS member sponsor you
  • Be voted in by the current PALS membership
  • Pay the membership dues

Benefits of PALS Membership:

  • A reduced rate at any large event
  • The right to membership entrance fee rates at BDSM group functions/meetings where we have reciprocal agreements; (examples include Noble in New Orleans, BOSS, Capex in North Carolina)
  • A PALS membership card & name tag to use at events
  • Invitation onto the members-only website (where more detailed & sensitive information is posted)
  • May serve on PALS subcommittees
  • May vote on new PALS Members
  • May vote on PALS related issues (not mentioned below)
  • May vote on PALS by-law revisions and amendments
  • May serve on the PALS board (after being a member in good standing for at least one year)
  • May vote in PALS board elections