PALS September Demo 9/7

Date: Saturday, September 07, 2013 · 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM  
Emerald City Bar


406 East Wright Street   @ map

Cost: $5.00 for non-members, Free to PALS members
Dress code: Kinky to casual


What's "Leather" mean anyway?

Our very own CarpeDiDom plans to thouroughly answer that question by walking through a timeline of the History of Leather and the BDSM L/s.

Our discussion will take us from from the beginnings of recorded history to present day. From 5000 BC and cave drawings of fantastical creatures with huge penises, to Sodom & Gomorrah to The Nights Templar to Joan of Arc. But the real focus begins with The Marquis Da Sade (a most interesting sadist), to Florence Nightingale to Fredrick Nietzche to J Edger Hoover to the Story of O, The Market Place Series, Shades of Grey Series and to Old & New Guard & current Leather events across the country.

Note: Included in the discussion will be a PowerPoint Demonstration: Kinky History Time-line by Jack Rinella, famed author of the Master's Manual and other BDSM books, lifestyle coach and board member of the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC).

THIS WILL BE THE 1ST & ONLY TIME THE RINELLA PRESENTATION WILL BE GIVEN IN THIS REGION. Permission was given to show the copyrighted material at a one time only event.

As a charter member of one of the oldest BDSM groups in the south and from the perspective of my current position as Historian at PALS, I believe I can provide a unique insight into our varied and exciting history.

CarpeDiDom, Presenter Bio:

Historian for Panhandle Alternative Lifestyle Society (PALS) and
Founder and President of Baldwin Alternative Lifestyle and Leather Society (BALLS)

I have been a charter member of The Cradle of Thorns, the first BDSM Group in the state of Alabama (Mobile), and one of the first pansexual groups in the Southern US. I've been a member of CAPE in the Montgomery area, and have leather family in leadership roles for NASSA in the Huntsville area, The Red Chair in Birmingham, and in leadership of NOBLE (New Orleans), and the Marquis de Sade Motorcycle Club (MC). My earliest affiliations were with some very legendary leather dungeons, such as La Petit Bastille in New Orleans and The Sanctuary of a Dark Angel in Atlanta.

I was a charter member of SABLE, another premier BDSM group formerly in Mobile, and have held continual membership in the Pensacola groups (PALS) and many earlier groups there as well. I have held positions on the boards of many BDSM organizations.

I was fortunate to be involved in the lifestyle pre-internet, and have many items of earned leather. I seldom use the term "Master" to refer to myself, because it has been tossed about with such reckless abandon in many cases. In my case the title was bestowed upon me by senior members of my leather family, and as such I am humbled and honored. I am grateful for the skills I have attained, but still I hunger for more.

In 2002, I was chosen for Mr. Gulf States Olympus Leather, a pansexual title with ties to the national contest at Pantheon of Leather in Chicago. The very next year I was chosen for the international title of Mr Olympus Leather 2003.

During this time I worked closely with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), The Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M) and the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC). I met and became friends with Leather leaders on the national and international forefront.




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