PALS May demo

Can you hear the tortured screams? You will….”

Date & Time: Saturday, May 04, 2013 · 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM  
Emerald City Bar, 406 East Wright Street, Pensacola, FL   @ map 

Cost: $5.00 for non-members, Free to PALS members
Dress code: Kinky to casual

This month, PALS is proud to present Aeolis_Est and the lovely Faerynphenix back!


Bound Suffering – Torture, and the art of rope bondage.

Semenawa (責め縄), or Torture Rope is a concept where beyond restraint the rope itself is used to cause discomfort or pain. This speaks not just of specific ties, but rather a method of turning any shibari/kinbaku tie into torture, taking the act of beauty and sensuality and adding to it to create a sensation play all its own.

This isn’t a class for the squeamish, as the process demonstrated herein truly is torture. This isn't happy funtime rope, or pretty elegant rope. No, this is torture rope, and it was designed as a way to inflict incredible amounts of pain with minimal effort.


Aeolis Est follows a tradition of personal excellence that was instilled within him at a very early age by parents that had no idea what kind of a man they’d be raising. In pursuit of excellence, he spent the last few years quietly developing his skills and reputation as a rigger and an artist, before finally coming out to positive acclaim. Now armed with an impressive array of rope and photographic skills, his is quickly becoming a name spoken in conjunction of some of the most prestigious rope artists in the country.

Located in a small town in North Central Florida, he regularly travels throughout the central Florida region, becoming an established face in the rope community from Tallahassee to Jacksonville to Orlando. Most regularly he can be found in Orlando, trying some intense new suspension.

PALS (Panhandle Alternative Lifestyle Society) is an educational and social group whose focus centers on the BDSM, Leather, Fetish, Kink, and Alternative Lifestyle located in the Florida Panhandle area. We are pan-sexual, accepting of anyone and any adult-oriented fetish, and seek to help those interested in exploring this lifestyle in any way we can, within the parameters of our by-laws.

However, no one under the age of 21 may attend meetings, munches, or any other PALS sponsored event.

To learn more about our organization, please contact any of the PALS board members at their listed email addresses or fetlife profiles:

Cliff, President Email,Cliffsplace (Fetlife)

Decalin, Vice President, Email, Decalin (Fetlife)

Sunny, Secretary Email,Sunnys (Fetlife)

Nancy, Treasurer Email,Secretary-Fl (Fetlife)

KnottyMcKnotty, Member-at-Large, Email, KnottyMcKnotty (Fetlife)

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  1. Cliff says:

    Looking forward this Saturday to seeing friends for New Orleans, Montgomery, Atlanta, and the Tallahassee area.
    It will be a full day with the rope intensive….. and the meeting.

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